Unfinished business is bringing Illinois lawmakers back to Springfield after Thanksgiving.   While the Nov. 29 return date was scheduled after lawmakers failed to vote on a tax break that would help companies such as Sears and CME Group, a representative who helps determine how money is distributed out hopes there’s more.



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State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz (D-Chicago) chairs the House Human Services Appropriations Committee. And while she has been one of the lawmakers discussing the budget with the governor, she will not assure you that the legislature will cancel his plan to close five mental health facilities and two prisons.  “When we get reports in the legislature that it costs $200,000 to take care of one person in a state-operated facility, compared to $40[,000] or 50,000 in the community, we have some issues,” she said.  Feigenholtz said she expects lawmakers to be at the Capitol both Tuesday and Wednesday (Nov. 29-30) of the week after Thanksgiving.

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