Illinois’ unemployment rate continues to decline slowly. Unemployment in May was 8.6 percent, down one-tenth of 1 percent from April, the Illinois Department of Employment Security announced today Thursday. It’s a small decline, but the rate has now gone down for nine months in a row, and this is as low as it has been since January 2009.

“The unemployment rate is moving in the right direction. It is moving in the right direction not as quickly as anyone would like, and it still remains high. But it goes to underscore very steady, slow improvement that this recovery is taking,” said Greg Rivara, spokesman for the Illinois Department of Employment Security.


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The number of jobs actually fell by 1,800 over the month, while the number of unemployed people fell by 6,900.

Over the long term, the nadir of the recession was January 2010, when Illinois unemployment was 11.4 percent. Since then, unemployment has dropped by 188,000.

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