Cops will be on the lookout this weekend for underage drinkers using fake, borrowed or stolen identification.   Secretary of State Jesse White announced the enforcement effort Wednesday: “We’re stepping up our efforts statewide this weekend, and more importantly during this holiday season, to curb the use of fake, borrowed or stolen IDs,” he said.
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Pete Piazza, deputy director of the Secretary of State Police, says his department and local police will be involved, and undercover officers will be used. “We’ll be out with different departments around the state. We go to the hot spots where the kids are gonna go,” he said.
Stolen IDs are not much of a problem, according to Secretary of State Police. Fake IDs are a significant problem. Secretary of State Police investigator Jeff Jacobs says there are good ones that are manufactured overseas, and are fakes of other states’ IDs, intended not to arouse suspicion here. They sell for $75 to $100 each online. They’re typically manufactured in China or Indonesia, Jacobs said.
Police confiscated 1,000 IDs last year. Those caught using a fake, borrowed or stolen ID can face fines up to $25,000, jail time, and loss of their real driver’s license.
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