Some artifacts at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum will be on display worldwide.   They’ll still be in the museum, but three-dimensional representations of 200 artifacts will be posted on Under His Hat: Discovering Lincoln’s Story from Primary Sources, at
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James Cornelius, curator of the 55,000-item Lincoln collection, says the artifacts were placed on a turntable and rotated, while 24 to 36 still photos were taken. “It still doesn’t show you everything. We can’t show you the inside of Mr. Lincoln’s hat, where the manufacturer’s mark is from Springfield, where he bought it, but it shows an awful lot,” he said at a news conference unveiling the website today (Thursday) in Chicago.About 60 of the items to be displayed are already available, including the desk where Lincoln wrote his first inaugural address, and the blood-stained gloves Lincoln wore the night he was assassinated.
Cornelius said there are still photos of every artifact in the museum, but they are not all available for online viewing.  The museum is doing this to bring Lincoln material to a wider audience, and expecting that the availability, rather than eliminating the need for people to visit the museum, will cause more people around the world to want to visit.
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