The state is holding on to over $21-million in unclaimed property belonging to Madison County residents, and hopes to continue to reunite the property with its rightful owners in 2013.  State Treasurer Dan Rutherford's I-CASH team will host a number of events this year around the state to help residents determine if the state is holding any money or unclaimed property entitled to them.  There is an event today in East Alton from 11:30am-1:30pm

Rutherford says they increased the amount of money and property returned last year by 96% in the month after rebranding the former Cash Dash program.

Rutherford comments

There are plenty of lost or forgotten items in the I-Cash vault, including coins, stocks, bonds, war medals, and plenty of other items.  It's easy to see if you have unclaimed property or cash in the vault.  Just visit  and perform a quick search.  Today's event is being held at Julia's Banquet Center.

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