A national survey conducted by the University of Illinois-Springfield shows positive attitudes towards the rights of transgendered people. But, it's somewhat of a mixed bag.

The survey conducted online of 774 people shows 81 percent supportive of those who are transgendered having the same rights as the rest of us; but -- among other areas -- only 41 percent support using public funds to help provide medical treatment for them.

"I think there's still a lot of lack of information about needs of the transgendered community in terms of politics, policy, and law," says Jason Pierceson, UIS Associate Professor of Political Science.  "
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In other words, Pierceson says the more education there is, the more hearts and minds will be changed.

"There's not a lot of information about a lot of these policies and issues out there yet," says Pierceson.  "You don't want to give people too much information that will prime their response [to the survey], or load their response.

And, Pierceson believes your mind is likely to be swayed if you know someone personally who is transgendered.

SURVEY:  https://transgenderinclusivepolicysurvey.wordpress.com/
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