Professor Steven Salaita, whose job offer at the University of Illinois was withdrawn over his Twitter tweets, is making a last ditch effort to get his job back.  Salaita was set to teach in the department of American Indian Studies, but had his job offer revoked after his obscenity-filled tweets about fighting in the Middle East drew the ire of U. of I. officials.
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Salaita spoke on the issue for the first time Tuesday in Urbana.  He says he’s trying to state his case to the university in an effort to be reinstated.  However, he’s not ruling out taking the university to court.  Salaita also says he supports the boycott of the U. of I. by professors across the nation.
Salaita raw audio:
The response from the university:
“While the University stands by the decision not to hire Professor Salaita, we will continue to welcome all speakers to our campus.  We remain devoted to fostering a campus-wide dialogue on the most uncomfortable issues that are vital to our very foundation and will continue to work closely with our students, faculty and staff to nurture an environment where all issues, including the most complicated ones, can be discussed.”
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