The University of Illinois is re-allocating some money out of the central office and into student programs.  The amount is $8.2 million, announced Wednesday by President Timothy L.  Killeen. The money is coming from accounts that he controls that in the past have paid for building renovation and technology upgrades. Where it’s going isn’t known yet, but financial aid will be a component.
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Killeen says he wanted to set an example as the rest of the university budget is scrutinized. “This appears to me as an opportune moment to set the stage for what I think the whole university needs to look at, and that’s an optimization of our resources, patterned after the priorities that we agree upon. We’ll be going into strategic planning, so there’ll be much more of this to come,” he said.
In the administration, there will be “belt tightening,” Killeen said -- maybe a reduction in jobs, though Killeen couldn’t say if anyone will be getting fired, or if reductions would be achieved via reassignment, retirement and other forms of attrition.
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