A nine-year fund raising campaign for the University of Illinois has produced a haul of $2.43 billion.   That’s the tally announced by the University of Illinois Foundation, which started the Brilliant Futures campaign in 2003 with a goal of $2.25 billion, so the results exceeded expectations, says foundation Vice President Dan Kojich.


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“I think this is a testament to faculty, staff and students, the alumni, the donors, the friends of the university, for the passion that everybody has for the University of Illinois,” he said.   The money will be spread around the three U. of I. campuses based on the wishes of the donors: $1.671 billion for the Urbana-Champaign campus, $675.9 million for the University of Illinois at Chicago, $28.7 million for the University of Illinois Springfield, and $54 million for the U. of I. Foundation and university administration purposes.


Some gifts are to serve as endowments, while others are to be spent. The money will be used for students, faculty, academics, facilities, research athletics and general purposes.   There were 242,689 donors. Of those, 397 made gifts over $1 million. Some gifts are committed and are included in the fundraising total, but will not be delivered until the death of the donor.


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