When University of Illinois students rallied in support of their Missouri brothers and sisters – as Mizzou's president and chancellor lost their jobs over allegations of racial insensitivity – one response was for someone to start a Facebook page, “Illini White Student Union.”
Needless to say, that concerned Illinois officials, and not just because the page attracted racist comments.
“I believe it talked about tracking students who were at the rally” Wednesday, says Renee Romano, UIUC's vice chancellor for student affairs. “We were concerned about the fact that students would be concerned about their
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An online response to the Facebook page from the university's Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Relations says there's a course offered: Being White in a Multicultural Society.
“We're trying to move forward into a society that is trying to understand cultural differences and trying to be respectful of everyone,” Romano says, adding awareness of the multicultural world is an integral part of a college education. As for the question of why it's okay to have a “Black Student Organization” and not a corresponding group for whites, the OIIR post says, “Pro blackness is not anti whiteness.”
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