The University of Illinois board held an emergency executive meeting Monday over concerns of the relationship between the university president and the faculty. The meeting was more or less President Michael Hogan being brought into the principal’s office.  After the closed-door meeting in Chicago, chairman of the board Chris Kennedy said that Hogan had been asked to identify areas in which he could repair his relationship with faculty.


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“I’d say that the issues around rebuilding that support are issues that Mike Hogan needs to play a leadership role in,” Kennedy said. “That is not something that the board can do for him but we’re confident that Mike can do it for himself. Time will tell and we’ll review closely over the next few months.” Kennedy says Hogan expressed “a great personal desire to recommit to the faculty and I’m convinced that he can do that.”   The meeting came a week after 130 faculty members called on Hogan to resign. The faculty criticized Hogan’s management style and ethics after an outside investigation found that his chief of staff likely wrote anonymous e-mails intended to encourage faculty to support a Hogan-backed enrollment initiative. She has since resigned but denied writing the e-mails.   Kennedy says the board still backs Hogan in leading the university. He wouldn't go into specifics on how Hogan could repair the relationships saying it's basically at Hogan's discretion.


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