Illinois conservation police are charging nine individuals associated with Wired Arrow Outdoors, a bow-hunting group, with offenses for illegally taking 18 white-tailed deer.  The defendants hunted on property without the owners’ permission, including forest preserves, and lacked the proper permits to hunt in Illinois, according to conservation police. The hunting episodes turned up on TV on the Sportsman Channel, and on You Tube.

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Conservation Police director Rafael Gutierrez says an officer sniffed it out when he saw the videos. “He was familiar with some of the properties where these folks were hunting. It’s an area that he patrols, and he later learned that they were hunting on these properties without the landowners’ permission, and in one case they were hunting on forest preserve property, where hunting is not permissible,” he said.
Conservation police say the producers went to places where the deer are protected because they grow larger there, and catching larger deer helps them sell their hunting expeditions.
The company’s owners, staff members and guests are charged with 134 violations – mostly hunting without permission, hunting with invalid archery deer permits and failure to report harvest – which allegedly occurred in 2012 and 2013 on private property in Cook County, the Cook County forest preserves and on property owned by the city of Lansing.
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