Gov. Bruce Rauner is scaling back his legislative agenda, but only in terms of the number of bills in which it’s contained.  He once said it would take six to eight bills to advance his so-called “turnaround agenda.” That’s now down to four pieces of legislation, but Rauner says that doesn’t mean he’s dropping any of his proposed reforms.  “Right now we’ve got it in four buckets—pension reform, economic growth pro-job creation reform, government reform and ethics and conflict of interest reform,” Rauner said.
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“We’ve got it in four buckets. We can divide those into eight bills, 10 bills, or three bills, it’s really a function of what the legislature prefers. The key is we get this legislation done now. It’s a four-month agenda, not just a four-year agenda. It’s right now. We need the votes taken this spring.”
Which means the votes to pass these bills will happen while the legislature is also debating Rauner’s proposed budget. He says because his agenda and the budget are “interrelated,” both should be addressed before the legislature adjourns in May 31.
While Rauner acknowledges the possibility of lawmakers having to stay past that date to pass the budget, he says his entire agenda can get passed without going into overtime.
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