James Leady photoAfter what appears to be another crash at the dead-end of Lars Hoffman Crossing in Godfrey, discussion will turn to what, if any additional measures can be taken to increase safety on the roadway.  In August, a vehicle drove through the barrier at the end of the road, flew over a ditch and crashed into a nearby field.  A more recent incident took out some of the warning apparatus, but the driver apparently drove away without making a police report.

Godfrey Trustee Mike Stumpf says there's only so much the village can do to make the road safer.

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A steel guardrail currently protects the dead-end, and signage indicates the end of the road for oncoming motorists.  There had been talk of placing sand-filled barriers at the end of the road.  The discussion at the November 30 Public Safety meeting now appears to be heading toward the installation of rumble strips.  That meeting will start at 6pm at Village Hall.


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