A visit from a Republican presidential hopeful covers everything from border security to gambling.
Donald Trump’s speech in Chicago included many defenses on his immigration stance, which includes “building a wall” along the border with Mexico to stop undocumented immigration, which he accused of bringing crime, drugs, and rapists into the U.S.
But Trump also touched on Illinois issues, like whether the state should allow more casinos to open.
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“It’s a mixed blessing,” Trump said, “and one of the things that happens is if it does well, then all the neighboring states go crazy, and then it ends up doing badly for everybody, and it does bring problems. It brings gambling to people that can’t afford it, where they can’t pay their taxes because they’ve gambled their money, and it does bring crime.”
Immigration dominated the conversation both inside and outside the luncheon where Trump spoke. Hundreds of protesters lined up across the street, carrying signs accusing Trump of being “racist” and using “hate speech” to drum up support for his campaign.
Trump refused to apologize for his remarks on undocumented immigrants, saying “everything I said was 100 percent correct.”
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