Donald Trump appears at a campaign rally in Springfield next week – is that enough to silence his critics that say he has no ground game in Illinois?

“Kim Kardashian could announce she’s having a big event and run for president, she’d probably fill it up too.”

That’s Pat Brady, a former chairman of the Illinois Republican Party who now works for Next Generation Public Affairs. He’s also firmly in the John Kasich camp. He’s not impressed Donald Trump is the hottest ticket in town.

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“Given Donald Trump, we all know what he likes to do, if he had any good news he’d be out promoting it,” Brady says. “I think silence from the campaign means they’re not having a lot of success, not enough delegates are getting signatures or building the infrastructure they need.”

Brady’s not convinced Trump can get the required delegates as he’s offended large minority populations – he says it’ll be tough to combat in Chicago area congressional districts.

Trump’s campaign would not respond to requests for comment on this story, or discuss logistics of the visit. Trump is scheduled to give his speech at 7:00 p.m. Monday November 9 at the Prairie Capital Convention Center in Springfield.
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