It's hard to be sympathetic for a private company's $17,000 loss when there are more vital services at stake, but the president of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce says if vendors feel they have to quit their leases early, so be it.

“We hear regularly from businesses that are impacted by the lack of a state budget,” says Todd Maisch, “but the vast majority of them communicate to us that they know this is part of a long-range issue, and they're going to do the best they can.”

Maisch was wary of getting involved in the debate over The Larson Group quitting its five-year lease one year early.

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“If that's what it takes to run a business, I certainly don't hold it against them,” he said. “But people should be aware there are many businesses that are owed a lot more money than that that really don't have much of a choice but to stick it out.”

The company had leased the state five trucks for five years.

Maisch says businesses going without payment is part of the pain to be endured in waiting for, as Maisch refers to a common theme from the governor's office, a change in the status quo.


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