The winner in the race for state treasurer is still not certain.  Republican Tom Cross led by 30,000 votes in results posted on Election Night – a lead of just under 1 percent. But with vote counting since then, his lead over Democrat Mike Frerichs dwindled to 646. Cross gained one vote Monday, so now it’s 647 – 2/100 of 1 percent.  What’s taking so long? Absentee and provisional ballots, especially with same-day voter registration.
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“If there were a lot of grace period registrations on the date of the election itself, and the clerks have to go through that process of verifying the individual as they have registered, it could still slow down the process,” said Rupert T. Borgsmiller, executive director of the state Board of Elections.  Also, absentee ballots are still being counted. Some are still trickling in, and as long as they have a postmark of Nov. 3 or earlier, they will be counted.
Vote counting is taking place at the local level. Local election authorities must report their results to Springfield by Nov. 25. The Board of Elections plans to declare a winner on Nov. 30, after which an aggrieved candidate may petition for a recount.
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