There isn’t much time left to bid on items being offered by the state treasurer’s office. State Treasurer Dan Rutherford kicked off his Online Unclaimed Property Auction on Monday and says so far they have reached their total estimated bid of $150,000.

“The appraised value is about $150,000,” Rutherford said. “To date, the bidding that we can tell has already gone in has reached that appraised value.” He says when the auction closes, the total amount brought in will likely be more than the appraised value.

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Everything from baseball cards to coins are being offered. The items were held by the treasurer’s office for 10 years and staff has tried to locate rightful owners or heirs. Items of value often end up with the treasurer’s office after a bank safe deposit box is abandoned.

The auction runs through 6 p.m. Sunday (Dec. 11).

Proceeds are never considered state money but are invested. Earnings from investments go to pay for the auction, the Cash Dash program and the state’s pension fund.

(Illinois Radio Network)