The people who run the state website that makes Illinois finances visible to anyone with Internet access say they are working within the law but will add information if need be.  State Rep. Mike Tryon (R-Crystal Lake) introduced a law setting up the Illinois Transparency and Accountability Portal. But it turns out the employee salary information is only current and year-to-date. (The state fiscal year is not a calendar year; it starts July 1.)



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Alka Nayyar, spokeswoman for the Illinois Department of Central Management Services, says the department will comply with any changes which come down.  “We actually should be working to take state government to the desktop computer 24/7,” said Tryon, adding that if it takes another law to expand the amount of information online, he’ll introduce it.  For the state’s part, Nayyar says the information is still available to those who file a request through the Freedom of Information Act.

(Illinois Radio Network)