U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) says federal transportation agencies are taking the first steps to addressing problems with trains hauling crude oil and ethanol.  New rules being implemented by the U.S. Department of Transportation include imposing a 40-mph speed limit on trains carrying flammable liquids. Durbin says he’s pleased to see some progress on this safety issue.
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“These are all steps in the right direction, but they’re not enough,” Durbin said. “We have to move to a new generation of tank cars that bring a new generation of safety. We are seeing the use of these tank cars moving crude oil in dramatically large numbers through rural and urban areas.”  The new rules will also require oil train operators have more detailed information on hand about their cargo, as well as ordering them to replace defective wheels on those trains. A defective wheel may have been the cause of an oil train accident in Galena in March.