Last year the Wood River Township Assessor's office had it's budget cut by $45,000, and as a result, the assessor brought suit against the township. Now, the township will ask a judge to dismiss the suit. This is apparently the latest in a series of moves between the two sides, which have been at odds for some time.

Assessor Thelma Kochan filed suit in September, claiming the board failed to provide enough money to run her office and to pay for deputy assessors.  She is asking the court to order the board to "adequately fund plaintiff's office," but does not offer an amount. At one point, the township hired a St. Louis law office to conduct an analysis of the assessor's office that allegedly discovered employees were taking paid time off in addition to vacations and holidays. The township claims Kochan did not spend her entire 2010-2011 budget, so her claim is unwarranted.