A road commissioner is suing his East St. Louis-area township for more payroll and warning that he may have to leave roads unplowed this winter if he doesn't get the money.  St. Clair township Road Commissioner Skip Kernan wants the township to approve enough pay in his budget for five full-time road workers, but the township has only given him enough for three and a part-timer. Kernan said he will have to lay off workers again this winter if the extra payroll isn't approved, potentially leaving snowy roads unplowed for the township's 26,000 residents.

Kernan is seeking another $95,000 in wages, plus attorneys fees, to be paid by township taxpayers.  Township Supervisor Dave Barnes said the commissioner is being irresponsible with tax dollars.

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Kernan overspent his payroll last year and had to lay off his employees this spring.

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