The Fourth of July is just around the corner and several communities have fireworks displays that will take place either on or before the fourth. With that in mind, the Lewis and Clark Confluence Tower has put together plans for an event on July 4 called Fireworks 360, which will give people a chance to watch multiple displays from a unique vantage point.

Alton Convention and Visitors Bureau President Brett Stawar explains what makes it unique.

Stawar Comments

Stawar says that you should be able to see the fireworks displays from Fair St. Louis, St. Charles, and Granite City from the top of the tower.

He also reminds that space is limited. Only fifteen people will be allowed on each level of the tower. Ticket prices also vary in price depending on which level you choose to watch from. Tickets range from $10 for the lowest level to $20 if you want to watch from the highest level, which is 150 feet off the ground.

You can purchase a ticket at the Tower's Business Center during normal business hours. The tower is located at 435 Confluence Tower Drive in Hartford.

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