People displaced by Sunday’s tornadoes in Washington, Ill., are being kept out of what’s left of their homes indefinitely. That does not sit well with people who want to help their friends and relatives.  “It’s a nightmare,” says Jason Wayne. “My mother called me, and she said, ‘Jason, I’m trapped in the basement, and I can’t get out!’”  Wayne and others huddled in an RV in a Wal-Mart parking lot are upset. They don’t want it to be up to the police whether they can get supplies into the tornado zone.
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“The police won’t allow anybody in,” says Jackie Whitfield, “and our family members are in there running out of food and water, because everything has gone bad. That’s what we’re reduced to.”  The police have essentially closed down the town, a bedroom community east of Peoria, until further notice.  Also unknown: when electricity will be restored.
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