The pile of unpaid bills in the state of Illinois is not getting any smaller, says Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka. She says it’s about $9 billion, and she is not even up to the Fourth of July yet.

“We’re asking the legislature to consider having legislative hearings here,” says Topinka, “on how our other taxing bodies are doing the same thing that the state of Illinois has done, that Congress has done, which is borrowed ourselves into a hole and spent money we didn’t have.”

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Topinka says she plans to spend a lot of time in the coming weeks campaigning for her fellow Republicans, who were at a disadvantage when the new district map was drawn by majority Democrats.

 “It’s doggoned tough when people have gotten districts that are made for them, almost like custom-made suits that fit them to a T.”

She says candidates should remain confident; if she can win, she says, anyone can.

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