Tim SchneiderThe head of the Illinois Republican Party is standing by Gov. Bruce Rauner’s budget stance.
Illinois Republican Party Chairman Tim Schenider says he’s told Rauner to “keep fighting” for his proposed reforms, like changes to the redistricting process and limits on collective bargaining, even after the state has gone 100 days without a budget in place.
Schneider says it’s the party’s job to act as a messenger for Rauner’s proposals, and his comments closely mirror Rauner’s when saying Rauner has already compromised enough in budget negotiations.

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“On the other side, (House) Speaker (Michael) Madigan and his allies in the legislature don’t want to give an inch,” Schenider said.
Schneider says Rauner was elected on a reform platform. While the same election retained Democratic majorities in both the House and Senate, Schneider implied those weren’t legitimate victories due to “gerrymandered district lines,” which is one of Rauner’s proposed reforms.
“It’s unfortunate that more often the people don’t elect their legislative leaders, the legislative leaders elect the people who vote for them,” Schneider said.
Schneider repeated Rauner’s claim that because of those majorities, Democrats could pass a tax increase without any Republican votes, though several House Democrats are likely to vote against such a proposal.


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