Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is alerting parents and caregivers to the risk of furniture tip-over accidents that have led to nationwide recalls, injuries and death.  Madigan issued the alert in launching a statewide awareness campaign with Kids in Danger and other advocates on the risks of tip-over accidents after reports of children being injured and killed after climbing on unsecured furniture, including dressers, night stands and bookshelves.
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The campaign comes in the wake of two nationwide recalls of dressers made by Bexco and Gemme Juvenile and the tragedies that resulted when children attempted to climb up the dressers, including the 2011 death of a 2-year-old Barrington toddler.
The recalls by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission underscore the inherent risk of tip-over accidents: Since 2011, at least four other Illinois children were killed in furniture tip-over accidents, and each year an estimated 22,800 children under the age of 9 go to emergency rooms because of injuries caused by unsecured furniture, televisions and appliances.
“It’s important for parents to know that unsecured, heavy furniture falling over on a child causes preventable injuries and deaths so that they can secure dressers, bookcases, stoves and televisions in their homes,” Madigan said.
Madigan urged families to follow guidelines provided by the CPSC to secure furniture in their homes:
? Anchor furniture to the wall or floor
? Place televisions on sturdy, low-base stands or furniture, or anchor the furniture and the   television on its base, and push the television as far back to the wall as possible
? Keep remote controls, toys and other items of interest to children off of television stands or     furniture
? Keep television and cable cords out of reach
?Ensure that freestanding kitchen ranges and stoves are installed with anti-tip brackets
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