The 2011 death of an elderly Edwardsville woman has led to felony charges against the three inviduals who were responsible for her well being. According to a police report, 85 year old Maryann Paproth of the 400 block of Seminola Street in Edwardsville was found unresponsive in her home 12, 2011 and was transported to a local hospital where it was determined that she wasn't recieving the right amounts of food or water. Paproth died on February 24th as a result of complications associated with the lack of her physical needs not being met.

After an investigation by the Madison County Sheriff's Office, it was deterimined that  42 year old Jennifer A. Dean (pictured top) and her son 21 year old Jacob R. Dean (pictured middle) and his wife 21 year old Kayleen M. Dean (pictured bottom), all from the 400 block of Seminole Street in Edwardsville, were responsible for the well being of Paproth.

Warrants for their arrests were issued and the three were taken into custody on Friday afternoon and subsequently charged with one count each of ciminal neglect of the elderly in Madison County Circuit Court with bond being set at $75,000. Jennifer and Kayleen Dean posted bond and were released. Jacob Dean remains in cusoty of the Madison County Jail.

If you have suspicions of elderly abuse contact your local police department of the State of Illinois' 24-hour Elder Abuse Hotline at 1-866-800-1409.