The longer the state goes without a budget, the more likely state workers going without pay will choose to look for another job.
Treasurer Mike Frerichs says all the employees in his office have been asked to continue working, even though they don't know when their next paycheck will be coming. So far, everyone's still coming in, but he sees problems on the horizon when it comes to keeping and hiring workers if the budget stalemate continues.
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"We've been looking at filling some positions and we've talked to some people. At least one notable one said 'I'm just not sure I can trust the state, I'm going to take a job somewhere else,'" Frerichs said. "So I have to imagine from 60,000 positions around the state of Illinois, there are employees who are worried."
Frerichs says losing employees would disrupt the functions of his office, such as managing the state's assets.  
While state government feels the strain, Comptroller Leslie Munger says local governments won't, at least for now, as they'll continue to receive their state funding.
"The local government funds are a pass through of state sales tax...dollars, so those we expect we will continue to pay on time," Munger said.
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