The thoughts of House Speaker Michael Madigan following the latest House session -- which resulted in a one-month budget getting passed -- sound awfully familiar.
Madigan says he knows Governor Bruce Rauner won't sign the one-month plan, and that the House will stay in session all summer until everyone plays nice.

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"What we need is for people to be reasonable, to work in moderation, not in the extreme, and not be advancing non-budget issues which are in the extreme," says Madigan. That was Madigan's answer for a number of questions reporters threw at him. But he does say he had a meeting Thursday morning with Rauner.
"I had a frank discussion with the Governor, and I gave him what I consider to be good, solid advice," Madigan said.  "I'm not going to share it with you.  It was a private conversation."
Madigan does say it was more of a general conversation, not necessarily just about the budget or Rauner's Turnaround Agenda.  But, Madigan says he felt good leaving the meeting.

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