The youngest and one of the newest members of the Illinois General Assembly likely didn't think she'd be spending her summer at the capitol, but she is, and says lawmakers are wasting everyone's time.
State Representative Avery Bourne is talking about the one-month budget awaiting Senate concurrence.  Since it expires August first, the Governor doesn't have to do anything with it and it would never take effect.

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"When we were debating this temporary budget, it was really a disingenuous attempt to say that we're funding government, instead of talking about a real budget and funding government for a full 12 months," says Bourne (R-Litchfield).
Bourne says if you thought Republicans like her had a say in the budget process, you were wrong.
"I think Republicans have had less input than, I don't know, maybe in years past," says Bourne.  "I certainly know that we haven't had real discussions or real debates.  The Democratic leadership has put forth a budget, then asks us to vote on it.  So, really, there hasn't been a give and take."
Bourne says she wants state workers to be paid and essential services covered, but the one-month budget awaiting final Senate approval does, in her words, "too much" and would be in line with an out-of-balance budget.'

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