Six Edwardsville area teens have been charged after they allegedly broke into a home last month to have a party while the owner was out of town. The male juveniles, all ages 15 or 16, are facing charges in Madison County but due to their ages are not identified. Authorities, however, say there is not enough evidence to charge them in connection with alleged abuse suffered by two family pets.

The Madison County Sheriff's Department, along with Edwardsville Police, report that following the investigation, they could not find the evidence needed to charges the teens with harming the animals. One chihuahua died just hours after the owner and her son returned home, and the owner claims the other animal was traumatized for several days and believes it was also harmed in some way. Police say two of the juveniles told them the son of the homeowner said it was OK for the teens to hang out on the outside deck while they were away, but the boy told police he did not tell them the group could go into the home. The residence was ransacked after the partygoers drank alcohol, smoked marijuana and ate food inside the home on Vassar Drive sometime between October 20 and 22.