Marijuana usage is up among eighth and tenth graders according to a new study.  The "Monitoring the Future" survey reveals the number of teens who used pot more than once in the last year rose by one-and-a-half to two-percent from 2012.  A legalization advocate says there is a way to combat its use among teens.  

Teen alcohol and cigarette use is at an all-time low thanks to strict regulation, according to Mason Tvert [[ tuh-VERT ]] with the Marijuana Policy Project.  He says by regulating marijuana use, the same goal could be achieved. Tvert says the simple fact the teens can get their hands on the drug should prompt a change in law.

Tvert comments

The survey also found a third of the 12th graders who've used the drug in states where the drug is legal got it from another person's prescription.  Illinois is set to legalize medical marijuana next year.

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