It's back to the drawing board after members of the Alton Education Association rejected the latest contract offer from the Alton School District. The teachers and other members voted 85-percent against the revised offer from the district after the two sides met last week without a federal mediator present. The union has asked for another meeting with the district to discuss the differences.

The union members rejected a first offer from the district on November 1 with about 98-percent of those voting saying "no" to the pact. The union asked for a revision in the "step" or pay scale, but says what was offered was not enough for those with more experience who had a pay freeze last year. The union is in the third and final year of it's current contract with the district, and brought forth an offer for a pay increase back in September. The two sides remain optimistic that an agreement can be reached, but there's no word on when the next meeting will be held. The union represents about 750 teachers and other non-certified staff in the Alton School District.