The general membership of the Alton Education Association will have an opportunity to approve a new contract next Tuesday that has been tentatively approved by members of the union's bargaining team and representatives from the Alton School District. While details of the new deal are not being made public, it is a different proposal than the one that was shot down around Thanksgiving, according to the AEA website.

If approved by the general membership that afternoon, the school board will have a chance to do the same at its regular meeting that evening. Assuming both sides approve the new deal, information provided on the union's website indicates members will receive back pay for September through January.  District Director of Financial Services Chris Norman says the entire contract will be up for re-negotiation in the fall.


Norman comment

This is the last year of the three year deal. The first year, employees got a small raise, and last year salaries were frozen. The AEA represents nearly 800 teachers and other staff.  Attempts to reach AEA President Edie Banks were unsuccessful.