Dozens of tea partiers rallied at the state Capitol Monday.   Whether they were there to push for voter ID laws or concealed carry laws in Illinois, protesters gathered in front of the Lincoln statue to express their frustration.   William Krause of Springfield says although the Tea Party doesn’t make headlines anymore, the movement isn’t dying.


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“It’s not shrinking. I think the media coverage of it is shrinking,” Krause says.   Krause says more people he knows are starting to get involved and warm up to the ideas of the Tea Party.   Eric Riemer of Springfield is a Navy veteran who has been deployed twice and has lost his home. Riemer says although Tea Party and Occupy protests seem like opposites, he has been to both and he sees common frustration between the groups. “If somehow they could both come together and shake hands and hug it out, then I’m sure they would be a powerful movement,” Krause says.   Riemer says people should start becoming more politically active if the nation is going to get out of its difficult times.


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