Monday was income tax day, and it marked the fifth round of Tea Party rallies at post offices around the state.   Disgruntled conservatives took to the streets with a list of grievances in 2009, some dressed in revolutionary-era costumes.  Since then, the movement has progressed from just venting frustration, says Dennis Lacomb, publisher of the conservative website Illinois Review.
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“I think there’s been a maturing of the Tea Party movement obviously from 2009 till now. There were quite a few of these local organizations and Tea Party groups that sprung up, and there’s fewer today, although the ones that remain tend to be much more powerful and influential,” he said.
Lacomb says Tea Party groups are diffuse, so it’s hard to put a finger on exactly what their agenda is, though it typically centers on economics and taxation. Many conservatives with other non-economic concerns participate in the rallies.
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