The governor is not pleased with a provision of a law he recently signed.  Embedded in the legislation that gave tax breaks to Sears and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange was a measure to allow individuals and businesses to challenge tax assessments by using a third person, rather than going directly to the Department of Revenue. This “tax tribunal” must be operating by 2013, under the law.


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It’s something Gov. Pat Quinn says has no benefit to everyday homeowners. He says “it’s not No. 1 on my hit parade.”  “I can tell you I doubt very much a regular homeowner is going to be spending much time before a tax tribunal,” Quinn said. “This is more for big corporations with lots of lawyers and accountants and people in three-piece suits that spend their lives trying to keep the corporations from paying their taxes.”


Under current law a person can bypass the revenue department’s administrative review and take their case directly to circuit court, but they must first pay the disputed tax, which stays in a protest fund until a judgment is made.


(Illinois Radio Network)