It turns out the voting public in Illinois doesn’t mind tax increases – as long as it’s someone else who’s being taxed.  This is according to a new survey of 1,000 voters by the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute at Southern Illinois University. 75 percent favor an additional tax on incomes over $1 million, and 66 percent favor a graduated income tax.
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“Under such a graduated tax plan, higher-income people would pay higher rates, and lower-income people would pay lower rates. And I think most of our respondents felt like they weren’t higher-income people, and they might benefit from structuring revenues that way,” says professor Charles Leonard, who oversaw the survey.
Other taxes are not popular:
  • 48 percent like the governor’s idea of taxing services
  • 34 percent want to boost the income tax rate back to 5 percent
  • 26 percent are for increasing the gas tax by 10 cents
  • 23 percent favor taxing retirement income – however, 69 percent are OK with taxing retirement income that’s over $50,000 per year
Leonard says surveys like this can give state lawmakers the corroboration that the public favors or opposes various measures.
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