A record 49 buyers registered for this year's property tax sale in Madison County, up from 37 last year. Changes were implemented in the way the tax sale is performed after former Treasurer Fred Bathon left office at the end of 2009 to create an environment that was more transparent, and friendlier to the taxpayers of Madison County by using an automated software system.

Madison County Treasurer Kurt Prenzler (pictured) says of the better than 130,000 tax bills that were mailed out last May, only about 2,500 remained unpaid this week. He says avoiding the tax sale is obviously the least stressful option for those trying to scrape together a payment, and offers an example based on an outstanding bill of $1,000.

Prenzler comments

He says if you are unable to pay your taxes, you still have about three years until you would lose your home. For more information on any tax issue, call the Treasurer's Office Help Desk at 692-6260, or by clicking the link below:


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