Lawmakers are considering offering a company incentives to keep its headquarters in Illinois.

Naperville-based company OfficeMax is merging with Office Depot, and could leave the state. The Illinois Senate discussed a bill giving the merged company a tax credit if its headquarters is located in Illinois.

“I know we have to compete with other states. We’ve done this in the past. We’ve been successful. We’ve lured companies here from Indiana and other states with economic packages. It’s not the first time we’ve been asked to do this. We want to make sure to not only keep the jobs in Naperville but also to grow some more,” Senate President John Cullerton (D-Chicago) said.

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Ravi Saligram, chief executive of OfficeMax, says the just because there is a tax credit doesn’t mean the company will keep its headquarters in Illinois. He says there are many factors that will be weighed, but there have been no problems so far in the state.

“Our experience in Illinois has been positive. I live in Naperville, very close to our headquarters, and we find we have a great set of employees. And we’re very proud to be part of greater Chicago,” he said.