As the Illinois Campaign Finance Reform Task Force wraps up its work, there is a call for better disclosure of contributions from Super PACs.   Research done by the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform found that in the 2012 election, almost 30 races for state legislature saw some “outside” spending. David Morrison, director of the campaign, says $2 million in outside spending went into the legislative races, including $1.7 million by SuperPACs.
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Almost $800,000 of the money is “dark” money, transferred in from a federal PAC or a non-profit.  The ICPR recommends changes to the law including the requirement that politically active non-profits disclose contributions, and federal PACs making expenditures in the days before an election file disclosure reports at the same time state and local PACs do.  Also testifying before the task force Thursday in Chicago were the League of Women Voters, Illinois Public Interest Research Group, Change Illinois and the AARP. Those groups are also calling for better transparency when it comes to following the money trail to see who actually is making contributions to SuperPACs and non-profits.
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