Negotiations between the Roxana School District and its teachers union are on hold after the two sides failed to find common ground, even with the help of a federal mediator. The talks centered around salary and benefits, although an agreement is in place through 2014. The district is reportedly offering a 3 percent increase on average, but the actual increase depends on the staff member.

The proposed plan is apparently opposed by the teachers union due to the fact that logevity ends at 15 years of service, meaning those teaching for 15 years or more would not receive a pay hike. Teachers involved in coaching and other extracurricular activities would receive additional pay under the proposal, which Roxana Education Association President Cindy Welker says would mean 60 of the 138 union members overall would not be included in a pay increase under the school district plan. The union members received a salary increase of 2.75 percent last school year. No new talks are scheduled.