Several car companies are working with the U.S. Department of Transportation to let cars talk to each other on the road, preventing accidents where possible.  The big three American automakers plus a handful of Asian and European Companies are researching Intelligent Vehicles that, essentially, talk to each other on the road.



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In a demonstration Friday in Springfield, three cars equipped with the technology ran a road course in several different scenarios – the first of which involved a stalled car. The driver’s car was quickly approaching the stalled vehicle, but was blocked by another therefore prohibiting the driver from seeing it.  It was a warning made possible through communicative WiFi and GPS location. Tom Artushin, Ford’s safety strategy manager, says new cars could have the technology in five to 10 years – but older model cars can have it too.  “The same consortium is looking at technology such as a GPS of some sort, of having that type of device you can put in your vehicle, so your older vehicle can communicate similarly,” says Artushin.  The US DOT is heading the consortium. Artushin wouldn’t to say how much it has cost so far.


(Illinois Radio Network)