A new survey says despite outward appearances, human service agencies around the state are being affected by the budget battle.
In a United Way of Illinois survey of more than 400 providers, 34% said they’ve cut how many clients they serve, and 39% have tapped into cash reserves in just the first weeks of the impasse.
United Way of Illinois public policy director Jack Kaplan says if it seems like services haven’t been affected by the lack of a budget, just wait.

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“Agencies are doing everything they can during the month of July to stay afloat, to maintain their services as best they can,” Kaplan said, “but it’s also very clear from the results that we have that those cash reserves, those credit lines, are going to very quickly be used up, and that in the next month or six weeks, they simply will not be in a position to be able to continue doing that.”
Rather than advocate for any short-term fix, United Way of Illinois Chairman Kristi Long says her message to lawmakers and Gov. Bruce Rauner is to get back to negotiating.
“Right now, they’re not even at the table doing that, and we really want to encourage that,” Long said.


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