The question of soaking the rich – an advisory referendum on levying an extra 3 percent income tax on Illinoisans’ income over $1 million a year – polls well.  The University of Illinois Springfield Survey Research Office, in an effort to test some online polling methodology, reports nearly two-thirds support among 723 likely Illinois voters.  The extra money would go toward education.
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The survey methodology is new.  “Our goal is to always be on the cutting edge in terms of polling methodologies,” says Ashley Kirzinger, the office’s director.  “We know that if we would have done this using telephones, it would have cost us 10 times what it cost us to do it online, so we are going to continue to adapt our methodologies so we can get the most accurate data at the cheapest possible cost.”  Kirzinger says younger people, women, and those who identify as Democrats are more likely to support the question.
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