Anyone with even a passing interest in the future of the Health Care Reform Act will be tuned to their televisions March 26-28. That is when the United States Supreme Court will examine the constitutionality of the act, and determine its future. Some of those watching closely will be at the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.

It is a battle that has been waged in courtrooms across America since parts of it went into effect a little over a year ago. IDFPR spokesman Mark Terry says part of the argument will be whether the act effects interstate commerce, and references a case involving a farmer selling wheat in 1942.

Terry comments

Other aspects addressing constitutionality will include the individual mandate, and and severability, or whether parts of the act can be disposed of without declaring the whole thing unconstitutional. The Supreme Court usually spends a half hour to an hour hearing cases, issuing decisions months down the road. For the court to set aside three days to address this issue is almost unprecedented, according to Terry.

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