The alleged manufacturers of the deadly drug MDPV, more commonly known as "bath salts" have been identified in a fatal lawsuit involving the drug. The Newark New Jersey based company, Adrenalin Rush Inc., who operate as SmokeClear, are named along with Utah-based LCM Distribution, following a judge's approval of an order filed by Broadway Package Liquor and its former owners Purima LLC and Ravikumar Modi. The order alleges that the owners of SmokeClear manufactured and mislabeled a product containing MDPV. LCM Distribution is named as the company who sold the product to Broadway Package Liquor.

The order, signed September 10th, stems from a lawsuit against Broadway Package Liquor and its former owners. The suit, filed on behalf of Tonia Marie Whitehead, who died as a result of ingesting the drug in April, claims the product was purchased from the liquor store. Purima, Modi and Broadway Package Liquor deny any liability to her estate.

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