For the first time ever the event of a Super Moon is coinciding with a total lunar eclipse tonight. The event is being celebrated at the Lewis and Clark Confluence Tower in Hartford starting at 6:30 and ending at 9pm. The event is said to be a once in a generation experience. The super moon is the fourth in a series. Astronomer to the stars at the Nature Institute Eddie Agha tells The Big Z what is unusual about this Super Moon viewing.


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He says totality, which is when the moon is totally covered by darkness is going to happen at 11 minutes after 9. The moon will have a reddish hue as it gets caught in the shadow of the earth. The red color, referred to as a blood moon, is a result of sunlight hitting the earth's surface. Admission to the event is $5 per person and includes unlimited trips up and down the tower. For more information call 251-9101 or visit .

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